Joys and sorrows

Thanks to all of you we have been able to rescue more galgos, and this time they came from Cuenca, Jaen, Salamanca, Badajoz, Madrid and Sevilla. Certainly not as many as last year but I think this is only the beginning. I think we are capable of taking in more, and I have already committed myself to a rescue in Sevilla and one in Moron, and just so you know that this would not be possible without you all. I am telling you this many times but it is really certain that without the adoptants, the people and organizations that help us, this wonderful and  sometimes ungrateful work would not be possible.

This work with animal rescue honestly brings its joys and a lot of disappointment as well. To give you a small example,  last saturday we picked up two Galga’s from a village close to Medina, thanks to two friends we have there. They called us to explain that the owner of these galga’s tended to hang them in his backyard, and then he would bury them, so we would not never know about it. These two friends finally managed to persuade him that it would be a lot better to let us find these dogs a new home, so that was a joy for us, but two days later we found that one of our dearly loved galga’s Esme had died.
A terrible blow for everybody but especially for Sandra who took care of her since she came to the refuge, it had always been a delicate dog with her Leishmania, but lately she seemed to improve and now all of a sudden she stopped eating and died, and that really is very hard. Sandra is crying all day, Esme died in her bed, because that’s where she put her when she fell ill.

It is an enormous joy to realize that all these galgos I talked to you about, the ones that we picked up from the different kennels and that were going to be put down, are here now and are safe.
It is a big sorrow however to know that in the kennel in Talavera they have been killed, even though they knew we were coming to get them.
It is a big joy to be able to count on you, and a big sorrow to be criticized by someone, most times without them knowing what they are talking about, and to all these people I would want to say that it is so easy to criticize but it doesn’t help the animals. And  fortunately there are a lot of people like all of you  whose help enables Scooby to keep on rescuing animals.