If Scooby wouldn’t exist , we would have to invent it!

In these difficult times and economic crisis, the first thing I have to do (because it is good manners and I feel that way), is say thanks for all those people who are helping us since a long time, and all those who have joined us recently;  please continue doing so since without your help all this would not be possible and that is really true. Believe me that the crisis made sure that certain amounts of public money have diminished a lot, and so all of us that care for animals have to make up for that and bring in the necessary funds.

But like I said, if Scooby didn’t exist, we would have to invent it! I will give you some numbers that are very important to me, and it concerns the number of adoptions. If the estimates are correct for the number of trips this month and the coming month, the result will be that in the last 18 months we have placed about 800 dogs, and including  the next weeks we will come close to about 1000 dogs! And all this thanks to the organisations that support  us and take up dogs from Scooby . One thing is sure and that this is a combined effort of a lot of people, but the final result is simply marvellous: 1000 lives saved, 1000 households happy with their new pets. Just think about it for a minute and feel proud to be part of this big family.
Thanks for everything, Fermin