She´s not present anymore, Gorda. Her last years she stayed in and outside our office in Scooby. The tri-colored cat from Fermín, approx. 19 years old. Biggest hobby:  consume.
Gorda (Spanish for ´bulky´) could nap on your lap so very touchy during working on the pc. Or nap on Fermín´s (warm) laptop. She could be very much in the way on our desks and if she was in the mood to get your attention, she just walked over your keyboard. A smart lady who kept on bleating if she was convinced that it was time for her (extra) meal. She could keep on turning and whirling until she found the perfect way to sleep on your lap. Now and then she turned on her back showing her delicious irresistible woolen belly. Gorda´s presence took care for cosiness and warmth and now all of a sudden we have to miss her, and we do.
Farewell sweet smart wonderful woolen girl, take care. Thanks!