Three Special Galgos from Jaen, Spain arrive 11/19

In June 2011, I visited a shelter in Jaen, Spain called Abyda, Jaen.  They are small shelter that operates, like most shelters in Spain, with no money... only that of donations.  They have about 80 dogs and also adopt them throughout Europe.  

I met some amazing dogs... sadly many of them had been there for a long time.  So when the opportunity came for Scooby to be able to accept a few more dogs, I asked Fermin if we could take some galgos from Abyda to help them and also help the dogs get adopted. He said yes ... and they are arriving on November 19, 2011.

Fandy is a very special boy to me. I have been thinking about him since June and trying to figure out a way to get him adopted.  As you can see he has such a sweet face and he is super with other dogs - males and females - big or small.
He is about 8 or 9 years old and arrived from Villena, Alicante. A volunteer from Abyda, brought him to the shelter.  The gypsies were going to abandon him because he was so sick and they weren't going to pay for the vet to care for him.  He arrived at Abyda full of parasites - internal and external, and ticks.  He was ill with a fever for many days but thankfully he made a full recovery and you can see he is looking amazing.  Fandy is a big boy - standing at 60cm.

Here are some photos of FANDY
Fandy - on the left. At the Abyda shelter in June 2011
Fandy at Abyda in June 2011. Such a calm sweet boy.

"Please adopt me."

"I'm such a good boy!"

Ruth told me that Fandy, was very excited and wagging his tail when he was being prepared... perhaps he knows that the next chapter of his life will start soon...

"I'm ready for a home. Please don't make me wait to long."

Please let us know if you are interested in reserving or adopting Fandy.  It would be amazing if Fandy could be in a home for the holidays.  It's great that we are able to help him come to Scooby, but of course going from one shelter to another is not that great.  Please, let's help Fandy.

And now here are the two females arriving from the perrera in Jaen.

They arrived a few weeks ago to the pound and they are not sterilized, so they were at great risk to be stolen and used for breeding. Unfortunately, Abyda is full at the moment, so thankfully together with Abyda, we were able to take these girls to Scooby where they will be safe and sterilized.
Here is video taken on November 12, 2011 at the perrera.

at the perrera in Jaen


They don't have names yet, so perhaps you could send us some suggestions.

And of course if you wish to adopt them, please let us know.