The residencia in Valladolid is slowly filling up. Besides the approximately 20 Scooby dogs staying here, and another 20 coming in from Scooby this week, of course all available for adoption inside and outside of Spain, we have also met several foundations that rented several kennels, so that MRW (a Spanish courier that also transports dogs) already knows exactly where we are because they are coming in from all directions.
For example, for the German foundation ACM we have 19 dogs that are waiting here for transport to a new and better life, amongst them 4 Galgos, 2 Samoyeds and 13 small dogs, mostly mixes. One of the Samoyeds is from Benidorm, the other from Valencia, both not wanted anymore by their owner. They came in separately but both came to Valladolid and both are going to Germany. Their names? Zar and Zara.. can you imagine?

You would almost believe in karma or higher things, no idea which.. but what had been looked upon as a typing error caused a lot of confusion.

Three of the mixes are from a shelter in Almeria and the 4 Galgos and the other 10 mixes are from a former perrera in Cuenca. They had 150 dogs too many there and needed to find them a place to stay as soon as possible, otherwise the community would take care of them and we all know what they mean by that. So, these 14 have been saved from this fate and are all in for German language classes!

From the spanish foundation El Hocico in Salamanca we have a gigantic Mastin, the poor thing had been given by them for adoption to someone who did not take care of him at all, and when they checked him out, it appeared he was lying in the street without being able to go back home, undernourished and dried oud, and with a serious infection to one of his front legs. As soon as he gains 15 kilo or more and has completely recovered, he will be put up for adoption again and we hope he will find a better person this time who will take care of him because he’s just such a good old softie.

And then the beautiful Galgo Argos, who had been taken to the perrero in Valladolid when he was just a pup of about a month old, and adopted by a local Spanish family. They had him for 3 years and now because of unforseen circumstances they can no longer care for Argos. Heartbreaking for the family as well as for Argos, and the lady calls every day to enquire about his wellbeing, and they don’t want him to go to a shelter because Argos is not used to a lot of other dogs around him and is afraid of such a large group of unknown dogs, so it might be very uncomfortable for him. So these people prefer to pay for him staying here safe and sound and this way he will be able to get used to other dogs. And it seems to be working.

His best two friends are Nana (wellknown to all Scooby volunteers since she is guarding the residencia and has become irreplaceable), and the Scooby galga Bonnie, another beautiful and sweet galgo, who only knows how to be the sweetest dog ever..And that’s what Argos needs to get used to company from other dogs. Now the three of them are playing in the garden and it’s great to see Argos enjoying the company of others and feeling happy. And we keep on introducing other dogs so in the end everything will work out for him, and he can stay here untill he’s adopted, and of course Scooby will help accomplish that!

Greetings from a very hot Spain!