The latest changes at Scooby

I am going to tell you about the last changes we made here at Scooby, apart from the house for our senior dogs that we already told you about, we have also completely reformed patio 7 and 8, so now they have, besides the wooden house, another house made of bricks with an insulated roof, that for the most part has been donated by the company Panelais Producciones here in Spain, for which we are extremely grateful to them.

We have made the separations between the patios with cement blocks, the truth is that the people who came to work here, as well as our volunteers were getting tired to see how our dogs kept on breaking through our fences, going from one patio to the other with the consequent risk of fights between them. We thought we could have continued the remodelling of patios 7-1, 7-2 and 7-3, setting up quarantaine cages, another almost 25 cages that we really do need, but we ran out of money.

We were supposed to be getting an important donation and with that donation we could have finished the work, but it fell through and we need about 20.000 euro to finish it. So if any one of you just happens to have 20.000 euro left, or just even a few euros you could donate for us to finish, that would be an enormous help.

A lot of little gifts make one big one..I know I am always begging for money but there is just no other solution. Like they say over here, there is just no chance to do this marvelous job without money, so please take a look in your pockets to see and I am sure you will find something, euros, dollars, yen, pounds or whatever currency that could help us out. The costs are high and the income is small.

Thanks in advance,