More than 200 galgos...

Over 200 galgos are waiting for you at Scooby, as I suspected mainly due to the rescues from Sevilla, not long ago, we now have a bunch of galgos that need to get out of here, to be specific 260 of them, both males and females, so there are many, many more than I would like to have around here and we have to get them rehomed, the sooner the better.

The truth is that apart from needing to make room for others, this is also a matter of survival; 260 galgos, some of them in a very bad condition and needing a lot to eat, I am sure you all know we don’t have chicken to feed them anymore and have to use regular kibble, bread and dog treats instead.

The latter because we give them away, and as you will no doubt understand this all makes our expenses go sky-high and we need to get the number of dogs in our shelter down very very fast.

So if any of you happen to know someone who would like to adopt one or nine galgos, tell them to contact us here. We have just too many dogs at the moment which also produce a lot of dog poop that needs to get collected every day. I think I once told you so, but I will tell you again: the most silly part of the work we do here is that we spend the entire afternoon working like a mule, preparing food for all our dogs, and the next morning we have to collect this same food, now smelling rather unpleasantly after having travelled through our animals digestive tract.

One more reason why we have to get the numbers down: less dogs eating means picking up less of that same food processed through a couple of hundred dog stomachs the next day. The truth is that none of all of this would be possible without your help, for this we are extremely grateful and so are our animals.