Olga - A new dog for virtual adoption!

August 3, 2011
*** Olga Update***

We are very pleased to inform you that we found a home for Olga in France. Our partner organization Galgos Espoir will receive her this weekend and she will be going to her adoptive home!
thank you to all who supported her.

This calm sweet and tender girls is Olga (app 2008). In her heart she is pure white but her body has ,completely innocent , 2 stigmas that´ll make it very hard for her to find a forever home

She is black and Leishmania positive as you can see in the pictures.

Of course we suggested her to all our partner orgas first but none of them agreed to take her, so now we decided to add her to the Virtual Adoption Program to cover the costs for the medical treatment.

It would be wonderful if you would think about supporting Scooby and come to the conclusion:
Yes, she is worth to recover to full health again and I want to be a part of the success!

If you feel like supporting Olga, please go the available animals and chose her from the drop-down menue!