I Can’t , I can’t , I can’t ...

I just cannot give up several things that we have underway already and basically one of them is to further divide the yards 7-1, 7-2 and 7-3 in cages, we had to say goodbye to two workers already because of lack of funds and if time and money does not solve this, we will have to say goodbye to two more, which would mean we end up with only 5 employees, including the vet that have to clean and feed all the animals we have, and there are many! But honestly, as long as we can afford it, and that’s not going to last long, I would like to continue with these two workers that are dedicated to the building jobs we have at the shelter and this week they will go to work at the kennel in Valladolid, where we need to put in doors, fix some kennels, floors, ceilings and so on, we also want to arrange for some doors between patios, to be able to let the dogs into the 3rd patio where they can run. I want to remind you that the money we will make with this kennel will be solely used for the benefit of abandoned animals at Scooby, and I also want to say that we will always have special pricing for abandoned and rescued dogs, all these dogs that you find and that cannot come to a refuge (like Scooby), we offer you the possibility of leaving the dog there but still take care of them, covering the costs and making sure they get their shots and the necessary vet treatment. Because in any case this animal would never be owned by Scooby but by the person who has rescued or found it.

At a given time Scooby will of course help you place the dog but it is essentially your job and therefore your responsability, I think the reason is very clear if your read the beginning, since it is simply a question of funds, we just cannot continue feeding more and more dogs. We certainly have room for a quantity of dogs there in Valladolid, we just don’t have the funds to feed them.

More things I would want to have done are like I said the cages in patio 7 and later on the separation by cement blocks between patio 3A-3B-3C-·D and those of 4ª-4B-4C y 4D, because they tell me the dogs right now go from one patio to another and that causes a few fights.

Again I would like to say I would like to make space in the shelter because we are facing a difficult period right now, with all the abandoned dogs in the summer that is coming..

Well, greetings, Fermin.

P.s. the telephone number of the kennel in Valladolid is 983334023

or you can reach us at our usual number 983481065, or of course by email.