Zamorano – Forgotten Galgo at Scooby

Zamorano is a medium size Galgo. He has a nice character,  likes people and he is good with other dogs. He is happy but not jumpy. He is calm but not shy or timid. He is 6 years old, so not young and not old. And he is a black male, like many others in Scooby. So all together he is just another average Galgo. And this is probably why he is almost one year living in the shelter of Scooby now. We think he has been forgotten..
So what could make him special? Well, YOU! If you adopt him, you will get to know him and love him. You will be the one that sees those little things that make him different from other dogs. And you will see those sweet eyes when he feels relaxed and loved. That will make him special. And for him, you will be the most special person on earth.
Please do not forget him.

Here is a video of Zamorano in his paddock: