Vicio – “Hey pssst… I will tell you a secret!”

“Hey pssstt! Come here.. Yes, come closer, I will tell you a secret!”

- Okay, I am here, tell me!

“I will tell you, but first you have to rub my belly.”

- (I am rubbing his belly..) 

“Hmm yes, that feels good! I love it when you rub my belly! Don’t stop, please don’t stop! Oh, you stopped.. Okay, you want to hear my secret?”

- Yes please tell me! I am very curious now!

“My secret is…. That I don’t have a secret! Hahaha! I just tricked you into rubbing my belly, hahaha..”

- I don’t understand? Why do you do that?

Because I have been living in this shelter for almost 1 year and I hardly get special attention. And this way I trick at least some people to rub my belly for a while.. And I love it so much.”

- Oh no, I am so sorry to hear that Vicio. I hope you will get adopted soon.

“Me too, but after a year I am really starting to think that they have forgotten about me.. Uhm hello?? Oh, you have gone too.. Left me all alone again…”