Please help these 2 underdogs

There are some dogs in every shelter for whom the shelter life is much harder than for other ones. It seems they are wearing a sign on their forehead saying UNDERDOG. Wherever you put them, they are the victims. And that is very sad. For us and first of all for the dogs.
I´m going to tell you about 2 of them because both of them have been bitten and taken out of the paddock and our wish is that they don´t need to go back in any paddock but can be prepared for the next transport!!
They are Corea(fawn,born 2012,in Scooby since april) and Campero(brindle, born 2013,in Scooby since december).Both have been bitten(Corea more than once) and had to be taken out of their paddocks.
Corea is very shy;in the big paddock he didn´t let me touch him but always came very close and,at the end,he was already eating from my hand(so,I think this means he is scared but not traumatized).Now,in a small paddock and feeling safe,he comes to me and lets me cuddle him.He isn´t dominant at all. He loves w├íter!!!
Campero is also shy but much,much less.He is one of those dogs who comes happily, then runs away, comes back again more happily...Funny boy!!! He is quiet and not dominant; always near the quiet and good galgos and avoiding the "bossy" ones.
Please take these dogs into consideration because they really need to get out soon and get rid of their UNDERDOG sign in a loving home!