Rosco – The gift of giving a traumatised dog a second chance

Many of our long time volunteers will remember sweet little Rosco, the terribly scared hunting dog who would run continuous circles in his paddock out of stress and his fear of people.
Rosco spent more than 1.5 years in Scooby, and after going unnoticed for so long, it seemed that Rosco was destined to spend the rest of his life, running his circles of stress in his paddock, until his legs could run no more.

But then a very special opportunity came, when one of Rosco’s biggest fans, Scooby volunteer Ana, decided to give Rosco the chance that no one else was willing to give him, the chance to know life in a home of his own, where he didn’t feel the need to run scared and feel the overwhelming stress a dog like Rosco can feel living in a shelter.

The videos show you Rosco today, after just a few short months living at home, and how big a difference you can make to a dogs life if you are willing to give a dog like Rosco a chance.
Shelter life is especially hard for the dogs who have such fear, and Rosco is a shining example of how special you can make life for a dog, if you are willing to accept they may need a lot of extra time, love and patience, but when you see how you can turn a life around it is more than worth it.