We need help 5

We have an enormous number of galgos with problems and with serious problems, broken paws, dogs with Leishmania, Filaria, etc. etc.. even though our friends at the Clinica Mediterraneo are helping us exceptionally well, even then we need a helping hand, we need help economically, we need foster homes in Madrid for dogs with broken legs, because if we don’t there will be the moment soon we can no longer continue helping.

Today we present you with 2 new cases, those of Lola and Negrita.

Lola is a black beauty who spent 2 whole months at Clínica Mediterráneo! There, they fought a really bad infection that could have cost her life with tooth and nail. We can't thank the wonderful people who make these miracles happen enough, so, again, thank you thank you thank you!
Lola is now in a foster home and will remain there until someone out there (could it be you?) can provide her with a forever home.

Negrita, another black beauty, has leishmaniosis and, like many other dogs, is currently being fostered by Fermín. He urgently needs space for other dogs in need of special attention and care, and we desperately need someone to give Negrita a loving home. Negrita's skin was in a bad state when she first arrived but her skin is now in a healthy condition. Negrita is around 6 years old, calm, loving and social... all the qualities you would desire in a four legged friend!

Please help us continue to help. Please donate today. Kisses, loving bites and licks from the Scooby team.
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