Send Scooby a surprise-package

Every animal lover can feel chills running across his or her spine when hearing about the horrible stories Scooby employees encounter on a daily basis. Every year, at the end of the Spanish hunting season, thousands of galgos, podenco's and other breeds are dumped at the infamous killing-stations located all over Spain. And every year Scooby tries to save as many of these dogs as they possibly can.

Apart from taking dogs out of these killing-stations, Scooby also strains itself year-round to take in and ,where possible, re-home any kind of stray or neglected animal it encounters. Besides dogs this includes cats, horses, donkey, chickens, pigs, sheep, goats and any kind of animal that needs their help. Often these animals have been neglected or abused and require medical attention upon arriving at Scooby. The Scooby vets are present 7 days a week to treat the animals against numerous diseases and problems.

Every donation Scooby receives is used to help and take care of the animals. Every day the Scooby employees work hard to get the animals ready for adoption and a life of love and joy with their new owners.

Donations keep Scooby running and are very important for the continuation of the work that is being done. Apart from money there is great need for medical supplies, medicines, veterinary tools and many more things. If you have any spare, old or not used things laying around, please consider donating these to help Scooby help the animals in Spain.

Things Scooby could use include:
Medicines (Perhaps you have some leftovers from your own pet that you don't use anymore?);
(Dietary) Food for dogs or cats (wet or dry);
Bones or dog- / cat-treats;
Milk(powder) and/or baby bottles;
Cleaning utilities;
Blankets, baskets, coats;
Heating lights;
Dog- or cat-toys;
Flea and tick repellents;

Donations can be send to:
Carretera de Olmedo KM 2
47400 Medina del Campo

Or contact scoobydonations@gmail.com to find a collection-point in your country.

(written by Karin van Emmerik)