Things that make me angry 8

Probably for everyone involved on animal welfare , what I am going to say is not new but I am going to do it anyway.
The relations among animal welfare people are not good, I can say that they are really bad, we spend the most of the time criticizing ourselves and defending ourselves than rescuing animals that is supposedly our main existing reason, I have sincerely my doubts about this, sometimes I believe that many people is inside this world not for the animals, just for their egos , that is why I ask the donors to check carefully to which organization are you donating your money, because it seems that all of us we are the same and not we are not the same, I am not going to say if we are better or worst, but obviously we are not the same, is not the same o rescue 1000 dogs per year than to have 12 cats in foster and no more, it is very easy to criticize the work from Scooby and while it happens they don’t give a step further for doing the work by themselves , like it is happening with some orgs in Salamanca and Zamora, I am still waiting to know , who is going to do the rescue if we are not there.
But criticize Scooby it seems that it is an International sport. I don’t know if it is true or not but just in case , I want to clarify everything, it seems that there is a French woman ,leader of a French rescue org , she is phoning and spreading the rumor that one van from their organization has followed the Scooby van to a vivisection lab in Germany and they have the drivers, I suppose me, downloading dogs at this lab and getting a lot of money on video.
Well, it is easy , if you have this video , please publish it, I really would like to see it. It seems that she is telling this to many French and Spanish orgs and it seems that they are believing her, it is easy if anyone has any proof, please report us, I am saying this because I am starting to be fed up of these things, not so long ago I was aware about another rumor that we were transporting dogs to Holland and we come back with the dogs converted into dog food , obviously everyone can say whatever they want but be aware that if we get any proof of this we will report it immediately.
Something to think about, our van has space for about 30 dogs, depending on the size, now given that each of them weighs 20 kg and in Holland they would "convert" the entire dogs including bones and everything into dog food, that would deliver us 600 kg of dog food, right? Buying this amount of food in Spain costs us 240 Euro. The trip to Holland costs about 1200 Euros in total, so we would need to transport more than 150 dogs to at least break even and driving would just be for the fun of it. Hey, did you miss all your math lessons?
Almost the same with the laboratory accusations, which lab would us pay a high amount of money for our dogs and the huge trip when all they need are some uncastrated dogs (easily to get in any country) who will provide them with dogs for free on a long term? That is what they usually do, they breed their dogs their selves. Also for comparable results in the experiments.
Scooby has a huge transparency with volunteers on site almost the entire year. Most of them come back year after year because they  find the work that is done here worth to support. Do you think it would be like this if they weren´t sure that we do the best we can for the well-being of our animals and huge numbers of dogs would just disappear every now and then?
By the way just some other facts. We have never crossed the German border with the van. We go to Holland, Italy , France and Belgium.
All our transport have their Traces papers so every single dog is chipped and it is officially known where all these dogs go.
So again if anyone has any proof, please publish it, I am absolutely keen on seeing it , and be aware to which org are you donating your money, Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermín.