The history of little Mami

I’m going to tell you the story of this little girl. She came to Scooby from the south of Spain, when she just had a litter and when they came to pick her up, none of the little ones were found.
She passed several days in the refuge with a lot more dogs, but she was terrified of people (you can only guess what her past had been like) and she was not feeling well, so the friends at the refuge decided she needed a temporary home and called us, so we came to pick her up. The first time we saw her she was in a corner trying to hide from all us humans,  and when we managed to “catch”her, we put a collar and a leash on her and took her to the car. She didn’t move an inch the whole drive to her new temporary home, only her eyes were moving everywhere with a look of concern. When we arrived and got her out of the car she sat down and didn’t move, so we had to pick her up and carry her inside, where she met her flatmate, who taught her to be a real dog.

In the beginning she tried to flee from people that wanted to pet her, and she jumped every time one of us moved, making her get up and ready to leave, but little by little, with the help of her friend, Mami knows how to be a dog, she gets excited and happy when she sees people she knows, she sort of “plays” with other dogs, she lets herself be petted, she is only missing one thing: finding her own family. A family that understands her and teaches her what loving care is and where she can spend the rest of her live happily. She deserves it, don’t you think?