Before he came to Scooby Zamora, Rons life has been anything but easy.
He set out on the wrong foot, his first owner never should have gotten him. If you take in a dog it is obvious you have to take care of him and take care of his basic needs:  food and a roof over his head, and it goes without saying that it should include love and care as well.
Ron never received any of those,  he lived his childhood in a cold and solitary finca, where the one who called himself his owner, came once in a while with some food. Ron tried to escape several times and wander around the neighbourhood, he loved the tranquility, his trustful companion. He had always been on his own and could hardly remember the warmth of his mother and siblings.
One morning, when Ron was wandering around again, he was caught by the police who returned him to his owner, and to make sure that Ron couldnt escape anymore, he took him home with him.  That didnt make things better for Ron, it only made it worse because instead of keeping him with him, the owner locked him in a little patio where he had to remain most of the time. Little food, little walks, nothing like loving care, just another loneliness.. this was the life of Ron for two long years.

It wasnt hard for us to persuade the owner to give him up, he never really wanted him, for one reason only: he was only a mixed breed of boxer, this little puppy that promised to be a pure bred, for him it was only a mix and therefore not interesting anymore. He never looked at Rons most important trait: his heart.
Ron came to Scooby Zamora very thin and very afraid, in the beginning he only ate, and ate with a fear of people taking his food away, or maybe with a fear of not knowing when he would eat again?
He was a bit suspicious of all the petting and affection he received, but fortunately Ron started to trust us, overcame his fear and recovered his happiness and will to live.
Now, Ron is a precious dog and one of the most loving and happy dogs in the refuge, he loves to go out for walks and is very playful. He only needs a good master who loves him and takes care of him the way he deserves, somebody that really looks at him and discovers how beautiful he is and loves him for being...Ron.