Sombra in paradise

Recently we received the mail and pictures below from Sombra´s, now called Sol, owners. He had to wait 2 long years at Scooby to finally find his forever home but now he is as happy as a dog can be. And also his owners;-)

Hello great people from Scooby,

although the winter must be a very hard time for you and all the animals there, we just wanted to cheer you up a bit by sending some pictures of big black beauty Sol (Sombra was his Scooby name) enjoying his first Dutch snow.

At first, he was watching the snow from his warm basket by the window and didn't know what to think of it, but once he was outside, he thought it was just like the sand at the beach, only a bit colder! 
He absolutely loved and and spend some time running around with his 'brother" galgo Paco and then he found out that catching snowballs is even more fun then catching tennis balls, because you can eat them! 
That was when I took these pictures; Sol is showing his beautiful snow beard!

Besides this, there's not so much I can tell about him, without repeating myself over and over again about what a lovely boy he is, quite obedient, very calm (yes, he really is! I know he was quite excited when he was staying at Scooby, but he's all at peace know, enjoying laying in his basket and going on long walks) and sooooo very affectionate!
When we look at him now, we think that he's truly happy to have found his own family and we...we're just so glad to have him here! 
Hopefully there many, many more matches made in heaven are waiting for all the animals staying at Scooby!

Greetings from a white Holland

Lonneke and Gerard
Paco and Sol