Elise – dumped for killing

Our Galgo-Mix girl Elise didn´t have an easy start into life. She belonged to a matador and one fine day he decided, to dump her and another Galga at a perrera, where they were supposed to be put to sleep. So both of them desperately waited for a miracle…

And indeed it happened. Scooby discovered Elise and her companion in the perrera and we took them to our Residencia in Valladolid where both were allowed to first get over the shock. The Galgo girl is already reserved and looking forward to have a family of her own very soon. But Elise is still waiting. Meanwhile she has moved to the “Scooby-base” in Medina, where she has a big paddock and plenty of Galgo mates to play with.

Our “little” beauty has a very special charisma and her look hits you right into the heart. She is a soft girl that likes humans but first doesn´t dare to run to you like many other dogs do. Elise conquers you the gentle way, lays her head in your hand, looks at you and you are melting away…We guess that, in a loving home, she will little by little mutate into a cuddle monster and wrap her entire family around the finger within a short while since obviously she is longing for affection.

Elise is eye-catching as soon as you enter her paddock because she is an extraordinary nice Galgo mix. She has the size and shape of a Galgo but everything on her is sturdier compared to a “normal” Galgo. Especially beautiful is her fur, wonderfully brindled and long-haired with white paws and a white tip of the tail. On top a pair of cute fluffy ears … and ready is the dream of a dog!!!

Yes, and now we are looking for a home for this dream of a dog, where she´ll never have to think about her past anymore but just will be a really happy dog. What about you?