Falling in love 50 times in 4 days

Right now I am visiting Scooby for the first time and now I’m supposed to tell you what I do here all day. Well, I can be very brief at that: I clean paddocks, take some pictures, clean paddocks, cuddle and hug a little, clean paddocks, think of fitting descriptions of some of the (new) dogs and… clean paddocks.

I’m also supposed to tell you what I think of being here and how I’m experiencing Scooby and that is a far less uncomplicated matter altogether.
How one feels visiting Scooby is something one can only understand to the fullest by actually being here, I think. It is without doubt the most beautiful place in the world and it is absolutely impossible not either to be or to become happy and content around here.
As soon as you enter a paddock (no matter which one), you are showered with unconditional love, endless gratitude and loyalty that knows no boundaries. Feelings that can only be experienced and shared by animals.

Most people would describe the perfect dog as loyal, sweet, grateful, friendly, pretty… in a german shelter you may find maybe one dog out of 20 to 30 who would really fit that description. In Scooby I found that out of the 200 – 300 dogs I got to know here only a maximum of 20 would not fit that description and actually just 3 who weren’t likeable to me from the start.
The only thing that makes me a little sad around here is seeing these wonderful dogs living here, although each and every one of them so much deserves to have the best and most beautiful home in the world.

I have been here for only 3 ½ days and tomorrow I will travel back home and even though all my muscles and bones enjoy the thought of getting some rest, my heart will stay here.
Of course I am looking forward to seeing my own animals, my friends and my family, but I have found a new family here and leaving them isn’t easy. I will miss every single one of them.

My fact: Visiting Scooby is well worth your time and I will definitely come back!
Above that: Future 4-legged family extensions will only come from Scooby!

PS: For me personally it is especially wonderful seeing my 3 favourite dogs, whom I already fell in love with on the internet site, all found their own stories‘ happy ending by now. Pancho is going to Holland, where he surely will find a new family he can make totally happy very soon, Felipa will be welcomed with a nice warm sofa in England where she can enjoy her well-deserved retirement and Gabriela, my virtual adoptive child and my best friend in this world is the unchallenged queen of the oldies‘ paddock where she enjoys having the sun on her fur and getting fussed and spoiled.
I wish them and all who are still waiting for their happy endings all the best and everything they have dreamt of in those Spanish winter nights.