Mara – thrown out of a moving vehicle while pregnant

Mara is only 2 years old and already came through some hard patches in her life. She was thrown out of the window of a moving vehicle while pregnant (!), was lying on the street bleeding and helpless and was found only in the nick of time to be saved. The evil spiritness of some people seems to know no boundaries. Of course she lost her pups and barely came out of this harrowing experience alive. Then she was taken to the perreira in Sevilla, where we took her from. Here at Scooby she can now play and run in peace, in a big paddock together with other dogs we took from Sevilla.
Mara is a merry small (well, rather medium sized) female, with a funny sassy face. The look on her face makes you feel like smiling all the time. We suspect there is some terrier lineage responsible for her sassy looks. She goes along just fine with the other dogs in her pack and is friendly towards people visting her in the paddock. Mara is the ideal dog for people who are looking for a medium sized, sporty dog, who loves going on walks and likes to be kept busy.
So now we ask you: we are looking for a great home for our Mara. Please help us find one, so she can soon pack her suitcase and travel out of here!