I met this little galgo at a crossing on road nr  N601, which is the national road going to Madrid, close to my village Alcazaren. It’s a very busy road.
When I saw her I stopped the car, and she stayed quietly and did not run away, I could see one of her paws wasn’t on the ground, like something was wrong with it, and the poor thing was covered with flies.
I got closer and caressed her, let her smell me and helped her get into the car. She didn’t resist, she was being very good, she got in the car and laid down, I have got a picture of it that I will send if you want me to. When I got to my work, I gave her something to drink and something to eat but she didn’t want anything. I left her in the car, in the shade with the windows down untill I finished work and could bring her to Scooby. She spend all afternoon sleeping in the car, very quietly, she was sooooo good!
I was very happy to see her and that she did not move when I stopped the car. Because  I stopped the car many times when I saw a dog walking along the road, and all of them ran away because they thought I was going to do something bad to them. And it really hurt me to see because if you just imagine what might happen to them, that they could be run over, and I would come back and put food out where I last saw them... Finding her and being able to help  has been my reward for stopping every time and for going to stop every time I see one by the road!

The chip has been cut out of her shoulder