Little meows

Every morning when I come into the cattery, I really don’t have a chance to put down my bag because as soon as I set foot inside three sharp insisting and constant meows demand pampering, and they want it now! They are Buni, Miel and Pinki, three little cats whose good (or bad) luck brought them to Scooby.

At this moment they are staying in the quarantine zone because they cannot move to the area with the other cats untill they have at least gained some weight. They do care that you put food near them, but their interest is shortlived, they care most that you pick them up, cuddle them and take them outside for a walk on the grass.

Buni and Miel are sharing a cage and love eachother a lot. They always sleep close together and stroke eachother all day. Buni with a grey tigerstripe came in a month ago in bad shape, together with a little brother that did not survive. Today she is very healthy and eager to play.
Miel arrived with a very severe trauma in one of his her hind legs, probably caused by a collision. She was operated and well but will probably always limp with that leg. She is a quiet and gentle cat and only is about 6 months old.

Pinki is the smallest one, she was found in a ruin of a house in Cuellar, she was born there but her mother was killed in an accident so she was not taken care of. A lady brought her milk untill they informed Carolina, who brought her to Scooby. She was very thin when she arrived but now she has recovered a lot and eats a lot. She is the most demanding, she wants attention and cuddles all the time.

These are the little meows we have here at Scooby, that make me get up in the morning with a smile on my face, because I know they are waiting for me.