Eight reasons why galgos make perfect pets

1.       They steal food. And, logical result, everything they steal from you, won´t be found at your hips and belly as fat!

2.       They would even give a friendly welcome to burglars, I suppose.
Just imagine you´d wake up at night by a bark, go to have a look and get killed in affect because you caught them in the act. So this could actually save your life!

3.       They are very clean dogs, they even use toilet paper.

4.       They won´t necessarily come when you call them.
So what? Fresh air is evidentially very good for the complexion!

5.       They are of variable size. Two of them can even fit into a 90 cm bed with you. Given you are stupid enough to sleep with the back of your head leant against a wooden night table.

6.       They know exactly when a cushion is raddled and should be renewed. And they even have a way to let you know! Amazing, right?

7.       They can teach you more about complete relaxation than any yoga teacher ever could.

8.       They consider it more or less superfluous to learn commands.
This is actually very useful because it may save you a lot of time when you don´t have to exercise “Down”, “Sit”, “Heel” and “Give paw”. Time you can spend on other important things like buying new food, toilet paper or cushions…

Above all these qualities they are simply adorable creatures and highly addictive due to their stunning charm!