He is a Pittbul, we called him Pity. Skinny to the bone. A huge head in comparison with his body. Eyes almost popping out, hungry, thirsty, friendly,satisfied. Saved now.
The Medina Police phoned to Fermín. Someone informed them that there were dogs left alone somewhere in Medina. The owner left ONE MONTH ago and nobody has been taking care of the Pittbul. All that time this Pity boy survived and stayed alive. A miracle. This nice poor guy has been drinking, drinking, drinking once in our shelter. We´ll try our utmost to get this boy on his feet again and let him feel that he matters and deserves happiness and being taken care of. More bad luck is waiting for him, he´s a Pittbul and because of that his chances are limited to find a home, he´s not allowed to leave Spain.