Apollo and Hera

Apollo was found abandoned and wandering together with a beautiful and young female somewhere in a village near Valladolid. We don´t know if they were abandoned together or that they found each other somewhere along the way. They could be caught and were brought to the provincial perrera from Valladolid which has a very bad reputation...He was in a very bad state, had lost almost all his fur because of severe mange, he was covered with badly infected wounds and full of parasites. In that perrera they were put in a kennel together with a lot of other dogs, with very little food, and because of the hunger, there are many fights there. There are no baskets, no blankets and they have to rest or sleep on the concrete floor which is not very nice when the temperatures in the night and even during the day drop way below zero, especially not when you´re as sick as Apollo was. After a week, we found out he was there so we went to take them both out. They were just skin and bones and so very hungry...We gave them a warm coat, a warmth lamp, lots of warm blankets, dewormed them, Apollo was treated for the mange and anti biotics for the infections, he got every hour something good to eat like boiled chicken, real sausages and everything else what I had in the house at that time but I was sure that he was not going to make it untill the next day.  But much to my surprise he did and feeding him every hour these first days and giving a lot of attention which they liked very much of course helped him through this ordeal and bit by bit we could feed a little less extras and he ate very well the kibble and he recuperated more and more. His girlfriend Hera also ate like a wolf and she did fine as well. Now, a month later, he looks great, he is happy, plays a lot with Hera, eats very good and is ready to be adopted. He was with one paw on the stairway to heaven but happily Scooby could avoid him to go any further...

Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1M_7Irl8j9c&feature=youtu.be