Sometimes we could weep out of pity and rage

One of these moments was the one when we were called to rescue this cat in Villaverde and found this heartbreaking little bunch of misery. We put him under anaesthesia right away, cleaned his wounds, put him on a drip, took several blood tests and hoped he would survive. But he did not. We had to let him go and release him from his suffering. He was extremely dehydrated, he could not move properly because his nerves were damaged, he probably suffered from advanced cancer in both of his ears and all this proved to be too much for this weak and small body to cope with. We don´t know what happened to you, little boy, and the worst thing is  we no longer have the chance to make it up to you. Another precious life has fallen victim to cruelty or ignorance or both. We tried our best to save you but had to watch your “light” slowly fade away... That is the negative and sad side of being involved in animal welfare: we do not always witness happy endings.
This is the second case in a short period of time that we have seen an advanced stage of cancer in the ears of a white cat, so please, be aware that, if your cat goes outside, you need to apply sun block to your cat's ears and nose  during the summer  (or sunny months)  to avoid the sensitive skin on those areas getting burnt, thus, decreasing the chances of them getting this type of cancer.