So far this year, Scooby has already rescued a staggering 400 Galgos!

Just only in January and February, more than 400 galgos were saved by Scooby from all over Spain but of course, the dogs are brought to the killingstations the whole year around because for the galgueros they are nothing more than a tool that has no value at all anymore...
This week there were again 3 galgos in the perrera municipal and 2 in the perrera provincial from Valladolid which all were saved by Scooby and now safe in the Scooby residencia in Valladolid.
We are more than full right now with galgos at the end of hunting season but we will not let them down and appreciate your help to help them to get a better and dignified life because that´s the only good thing about being brought to a killingstation by your owner, if you are lucky and somebody gets you out in time...
There are plenty ways to help us: