This is the story of Mami, one podenca abandoned on the streets of
   Bullas (a hell for animals). Mami has spent months wandering, scared
   on the streets.
   We can not caress her, we can not catch her, we can not approach
   her, her life of abuse alongside some hunter have made her fear people.
   A month and a half ago Mami had babies. We've been all this time
   looking to their babies, chasing Mami to know where hiding.
   A few weeks ago we got to find out where they were, they were in a
   hole, was very difficult to reach them.
   Mami looked at us,  she looked how we picked her puppies, she cried
   when listening mourn, she begged us that will leave her puppies, but
   we couldn´t.
   Sorry Mom, we had to take your babies, we can´t leave them on the
   street waiting for a somebody who hurts them.
   We´ll​​​​​​​​ try to find them the best family to grow up happy and
   do not have a life of suffering like yours.