Intelligent horses.

Our animals are really intelligent creatures,close to where they are we have a land full of alfalfa , we have this kind of grass just for winter times to give them dry, so we collect it during summer and we give them in winter. But they decided that it was worth to try to get it directly green from the ground , so they discover that if they had their bottoms against a post and then , they start pushing , the post fall down and the whole fence collapse , so they can pass easily truth the fence to eat alfalfa, but the problem is that the alfalfa is not fenced so when they break trough , they are free and this is a problem so we needed to repair the fence several times and now we have decided to have an electrical fence to protect our horses and sheep. Please help us to pay this fence and also maybe to fence the alfalfa so we can let them to eat there safe. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermin.