50 Galgos and Podencos from Castilla la Mancha...

In a few weeks the hunting season with galgos will come to an end and that means that now already shelters and perreras are completely full with galgos, discarded by their owner who just considers them a bad working tool and nothing more...
Scooby will take the next couple weeks hundreds of galgos and podencos in to save them from being killed in a perrera or waiting for years and years in shelters because nobody adopts them.
Sunday the 10th. of January we had to go to pick up some 50 galgos and podencos in a shelter in Tomelloso were every day a few galgos are brought in by their loving owners or mostly, are just thrown over the fence.
So volunteer Pablo, not the one from Scooby Medina but another Pablo, and me went to get them and took off to Castilla la Mancha, a real hell hole for galgos. On our way and also the way back, we saw many cars or 4 Wheel drives with these typical small transporters behind their cars in which they have their dogs. Yes, sunday means hunting day.
Once arrived in Tomelloso we started loading the dogs, there were many and just that morning a puppy from some 5 months old was thrown over the fence just as a small female who looked more like a walking skelleton, of course we took them both. When we almost finished loading, 2 man with dark looks drove up to our van, took 2 galgos from their car from which they wanted to get rid of and believe it or not, we just had 2 places left for these 2, now we call them lucky dogs, to take them as well. The owner was even so kind to put them himself in the crate, not even showing the smallest emotion or saying goodbye to what should have been his best friend, no sir, just glad to get rid of him, but in this case, I think the dog had the same feelings about his owner because he is very happy here now...
We also took a galga mix with severe skin problems and will try to cure her so she finally also can find a loving family because she is a really very sweet dog and also 3 pups, mix German shepherd or something, from some 7 weeks old because nobody is going to adopt them there...and they are so beautiful and sweet...! Also there were 5 podencos, of course we loaded them as well.
So with 50 lucky dogs we drove 4 hours back to Valladolid because they all will stay in the Scooby residencia so there will be room enough in Scooby Medina for the hundreds more who will arrive the next couple weeks. After unloading the dogs and bringing them to their kennels, we were soaking wet because it was raining terribly, it was 1 o`clock in the night, but who cares as long as they all will find a warm and loving forever home and knowing they are all safe now!
Please keep us going to help them.


Slide-Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQe2CTDxD4M&feature=youtu.be