Fifty galgos and podencos saved in Murcia

Scooby today went back to Murcia again to save about 50 galgos and podencos, all of them discarded like trash by their "dear" owners.

A lorry full of cruel and atrocious stories. The majority of the dogs just skin and bones, some of them with broken legs, two of them pregnant and disposed of because their pups aren´t purebred. One of them abandoned in the middle of nowhere - he kept running after his owner´s car until he was completely exhausted. Another one could only be picked up in pieces. Amongst those who are still alive some tried to make their so-called owners play with them with their paws or gave them kisses while he was about to leave them behind forever.

So, 46 horrible nightmarish stories. But today all of them are already on their way into a better life that will treat them with respect, into a decent future that they hadn´t been granted so far.