Mitache needs medication urgently!

This big and friendly podenco is called Mitache, and he needs your help urgently.
He suffers from dirofilariasis [heartworms], a disease caused by parasitic worms that are transmitted by mosquitoes.
The adult worms migrate to the pulmonary arteries and eventually infest the right ventricle of the heart. It is merely a question of time until the invaded worms obstruct the pulmonary arteries and the veins returning to the heart. However, heartworm disease does not only affect the lungs and the heart, but may also interfere with the function of the liver and the kidneys.

Therefore, we have initiated treatment with antibiotics and by administering a specific agent which has a filaricidal effect on pre-adult heartworms. These therapies alone will not be sufficient, though, and provision of an adulticide treatment will be required. Unfortunately, the necessary medicine lies beyond our scope as it is extremely expensive.
The treatment will eliminate the adult worms, but it may also provoke adverse side effects, hence a long and difficult path lies ahead of Mitache until he will have 
completely recovered.
In less than a month, we will need a box of immiticide for starting the treatment.
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