Eloy, a new victim of abandonment

This is Eloy and her story is the same as it is for many galgos in Spain. She probably broke her hind leg already a while ago and since she then did not serve for hunting anymore, she was left to her own devices. We don't know for how long she had to survive eating trash and leftovers, roaming around the streets and the fields, dealing with the pain in her broken leg untill in the end she was run over by a car and left in the gutters for dead.  The result was she was completely bruised and her hind leg suffered from an open fracture with the bone sticking out.
Even so, Eloy got herself up, suffering terrible pains and went to find help that nobody wanted to give to her, until a family saw her, exhausted and in pain and could not look the other way. This family has surely saved her from death and asked us for our help. When she arrived at our refuge, we saw her wounds were serious and took her quickly to the Clinica Mediterranea so she could be operated on fast.  After all she has been through, we could not refuse her and again we are going to need your help so her fate will turn for good and she has the happy live she deserves. Do you want to help Eloy? 

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