Ciccio, Bombo and Pepe: our most special puppies

Certainly you remember Ciccio, Bombo and Pepe.
These three brothers arrived undernourished, ill and scared at our shelter
The three of them suffered from a congenital disorder that inhibited 
normal growth of their legs. However, the vets advised us to provide 
them with a special diet in order to support normal growth as much as 
Thanks to you we have been able to give them the nutrition they needed, 
but although they got better, we didn’t accomplish that their legs would 
straighten sufficiently.
We considered surgery, but it wasn’t viable and the follow-up would have 
been terrible for them.  From the time they came to us as little puppies, almost a year has 
passed by without anyone willing to adopt them because of their illness.They will never be able to meet great physical challenges, nor to 
accompany you if you want to go out for a run, but apart from that, they 
are perfectly normal.They enjoy playing with other dogs, caresses and being stroked.It’s not fair that after all they have been through, after being 
abandoned and left behind starving, they have to live without a home, 
without a warm bed and without being caressed before they go to sleep, 
because they were born that way.
If you are a person with a heart of gold and willing to help these 
little ones, don’t think twice!
Ciccio, Bombo and Pepe need you and want to meet someone like you to give her/him all their love.Adopt one of our little ones and show him the life he deserves!