Going slowly with your car around your hometown and all of a sudden a little dog appears out of nowhere, running and with its tail between its legs. At first you think that you give off a different scent and that stray dogs notice that and put themselves in your vision so you notice them, and maybe that’s what he did?
I got out of the car and tried to catch him but he was so scared that the continued running, but I didn’t give up and followed him but everytime I tried to catch him, he ran away screaming and got more and more upset with me, so that made me think about what this little fellow in his short life of 2 months must have been going thru already. Two months and he has already been abused by “humans”,  what type of cruel person could harm such a small and defenseless little creature?
Since it didn’t work with me, I let my dog Asly out of the car and she started to play with him, and I tried to catch him when he didn’t notice but he didn’t do anything but scream and escaped again, hiding under a car. Of course I could not let this pass, I wanted to help him so much that I got under the car to be able to catch him and take him to a safe place.
He finally let himself be caught, but he was screaming and crying, thinking I was going to do something awful to him but when he figured that he was only getting petted and kissed he quickly calmed down. He looked at me with this pained little face and I  told him that he wasn’t going to suffer anymore and that I would make sure that I would find him a home  where he would be happy forever. I think he understood because he licked my nose and I felt like the most lucky girl in the world to be able to save another animal.
Now he is looking for a home, it is a male puppy of 2 months old and he will remain small, he is a good dog, loving, playful.. in short a treasure!