Daddy died of grief

A 12 year old dog, sick and suffering from vision problems, dies after his owners abandoned him and  left him tied at the fence of the animal shelter.
Judit Calvo
He could not beat the infection of the parvovirus that he had, but most of all he could not overcome the fact that his people had left him in the harsh new conditions of the shelter that was such a strange place to him.
“He could not stop crying during the whole time he was with us, he only wanted to be carried around in someone’s arms and did not respond to any treatment, this was not normal but it looked that he wanted to die, he didn’t have any will to live anymore.” one of the volunteers of the shelter  Scooby Adopta in Zamora told us.
Towards the site of the municipal dogpound  in Poligono de los Llanos did the owners of Daddy ( a name the people at the shelter gave him) bring him, on a one way trip without return.
The volunteers of the dogpound that were working there at the time found him there, tied to the fence. Frightened and weak he already showed symptoms of being depressed and his willingness to die, which happened only 10 days later.
At the shelter the people were very upset and saddened with this dog dying, 12 years old and with vision problems, and problems with the virus that attacked him. Although not normal, a lot of dogs are abandoned in the last stage of their life, that is why the people at the shelter are anxious to find them a home in the shortest possible time “because at this age and also after spending their whole life in a home, they are not accustomed to the life in a shelter, even though they had all the care needed, they have a vet, a roof over their head, food and a lot of love, the shelter is still a cold strange place and a lot of them cannot start a new life there” complain the people at Scooby.
Daddy has been one of these cases, he lived with his owners his whole life, and at the end of his days, sick and disoriented he had to leave everything that he loved the most, so much that not even the good care and attention the vet gave him could make his strength and will to live return.
Nobody knows what made the owners take the decision to leave him, and a lot of comments were made condemning the situation. Even so, people in the shelter don’t understand how someone could get rid of an animal with whom you have shared your life, one of the theories is that maybe the owner has died or moved to a residence, and nobody in the family, friends or neighbours could take care of him.
Whatever happened, Daddy is not the only example and sorry to say, he does not seem to be the last. “ A lot of times we find animals in the same condition, tied to fences, left behind in cages, in the garbage bin and even dogs thrown over the fence with broken bodyparts as a result from the impact” A harsh reality for the volunteers to witness and they at least hope that people will realize the “serious results of getting rid of a dog, and mostly the older dogs because the moment they leave him, they condemn them to death. Unfortunately very few people want to adopt an adult dog” they inform us from the shelter.
Daddy did have a home in the end, the people from Scooby in Medina del Campo had found him a place to stay with a family of his own when he was a bit better, but “unfortunately it was too late”. At least in the end he died surrounded by care and love.