Apy is a little dog, about 3 years old and for me the perfect dog. It is the typical lapdog that follows you around everywhere, when you enter his patio and don’t pay attention to him, he will be jumping around until you give him some attention and he won’t stop until you caress him. Since he is the smallest of the yard (about 6 kg) he needs to jump to get himself noticed. And if you get down to caress him, he gets on your legs and turns himself into a little ball like saying: take me with you please! You can tell he has been in a home and has been given love but you can imagine that people would just get tired and leave him, people are really that cruel. He is having a hard time in the yard since he wants to be loved all the time, instead of being in an unknown place without the constant company of a human, and he finds it hard and cries the whole day, asking for attention from anybody that will notice him. His “previous owners” gave him that in the two short years he has been with them and they took it away from him the day he was abandoned.
He needs a home, he is a very special dog, so if you are looking for a loving dog that follows you everywhere you go and loves you always, you are looking for him!