Mila is a miracle, one of the miracles of Scooby.
When she came to the shelter she was very small and already with her health
compromised, probably because she was removed too early from the mother.
After a couple of  days, her conditions had worsened, so much we started  to think that she would not survive.
Every night we said her goodbye sure we would not find her alive the following
day, and every morning she surprised us with her huge questioning eyes.
Mila's story is a story of small steps.

At the beginning she was not able to walk, all the time attached to a drip,
with almost no motor skills, not eating, not drinking. She dragged herself out of
the kennel to do her business, then she was unable to return, remained patient and just waited for someone to come and help her.
One day she looked at us with those huge eyes, tender and sad together, and
drank by herself! It 'was a moment of great excitement!
The next step was to eat on her own, starting with a tasty pate and then she told
us that she preferred the kibble.!, then stand up for a few seconds
without our help, and then finally the little timid steps.
It took a few months. Months of ups and downs, medicines, therapies
and hope.

Now Mila runs, although still a little uncertain, and plays with the other
puppies, as if nothing has happened. She's much quieter than her rowdy friends
and still has this unmistakable look in her eyes..
Mila will go to Holland and we wish her al the best for her future!