Special appreciation.

On Sunday, July 28th, Medina del Campo Scooby reopened its doors to the public.
Two hours before the visit began it was raining cats and dogs. We even thought about suspending the event since it was not going to be possible to have a look at the animals with so much thunder and lighting.
That same afternoon, Daniel and Juan, two volunteers from Madrid (very kind and in love with the
animals) were leaving and they were also there waiting for Daniel’s parents to pick them up. We all spent a great time in such an unpleasant weather. Daniel, in the days he volunteered in the shelter, had fallen in love with a greyhound named Suri. And when his parents arrived to the facilities and met Suri they fell in love with Suri too and so is that that she is now a new member of their family. They were an incredible family that showed their love and caring for animals. Thank you for that!
As all of this was happening, the storm was coming to an end and, although it was cold outside, we got several families and friends. To all of them, thank you, because it would have been much easier to just stay at home.
First, Suri’s adoption and then our visitors, it was an unforgettable day! That gives so much support to Scooby and all who are part of it, support to keep working hard to look for homes for our animals. That is all this is about and specially these Opened Days at the center. Our work is always for them and their well-being.