Have a Safe Trip

At Scooby we do all we possibly can to find our animals a good forever home. This includes giving them all the care they need, maintaining our website in 5 languages, describing our animals on our website and on Facebook, numerous phone calls, home checking and much, much more.
All this with one purpose, which is to be fully prepared for that one special day – adoption in Spain, or a trip abroad to one of the home countries of our partner organisations. Many of our dogs travel abroad and the day of the transport is a very special day for all of us.
Those of us in Medina prepare the trip – a last veterinary check-up, getting all required papers ready for traveling, putting the transport crates together, etc, etc, until finally the hour has arrived and our lucky travelers enter their transport boxes to take the ride to their new families. The longer the dogs were with us, the happier we are and even though we know they are going to their new lives, saying goodbye isn’t always easy. And yessss every now and then a couple of tears are shed. But more than anything we are happy – happy to see them being happy in their new homes soon, happy to receive photos from dogs whose eyes have gotten their sparkle back, happy to receive emails from happy owners.
On the other end of the transport route, the volunteers of the organisations and the adoptants are already waiting for their new family members. To them it’s every bit as exciting as to us and the morning of the arrival of the transport van is really moving and for the drivers as well as the others surely the most beautiful moment. As if the dogs know they are about to begin a new life, they jump out of the transporter with joy, play around with their traveling companions and then set off to greet their new families.
To share a bit of that happiness with you all, we would like to show you some pictures of our migrants‘ transport now J