Urgent, urgent, urgent

Our esteemed vet Enrique needs help!  He cannot castrate as fast as needed, we have a lot of dogs that have been adopted but they cannot leave before they have been sterilized, so that is why we ask for the help of some of our usual volunteer vets or a new one with experience that can spend about a week here to do the neutering, mostly females. As usual we provide everything, you only have to offer the use of your hands. Don’t think about it too much, where else could you spend a better week than here, doing a marathon of castrations , so we will be waiting for you and hopefully soon because like I said, it is urgent urgent urgent.  And knowing all this, who would ask me to take in dogs from all those different places, I still wonder.  Kisses, hugs, bites and loving licks from all of us. Fermin.