I want to apologize

Yes you heard it correctly, I would like to apologize for a lot of  things and because there are so many things, I will come to the point because there is so little time; today I want to apologize to everybody who came to our open house day, it was just too hot and we should have organized it later, the truth is that nobody thought it was going to be so hot that day but it was. The next time we are going to do that, the 28th of July, we will do it at around 7.30 pm so it will be a little cooler.
I want to apologize too for having so many things on my mind, and forgetting things, yes, I do start forgetting things, it might be old age or that nothing else fits into my brain anymore, so if it concerned you, please remind me because my brain seems to be limited.
I want to apologize for having a job, which makes that I have to dedicate part of my time to try and get bread on the table instead of spending it all with Scooby, the truth is that my boss thinks I already spend too much time at Scooby but since she is not going to read this article, we better might leave it at this.
And if this isn’t enough, when I have holidays I would also like to go travelling and see the world, and most of the times without animals, yes, I declare that I am guilty of having another life... what are we going to do about that, it is not healthy to be only thinking of the animals and therefore when summer arrives I would like to go to beaches, cathedrals, castles and other samples of artwork, so that sometimes I don’t have the time to write items for the website, or, what is completely inexcusable and I am ashamed of it, I don’t have the time to respond to emails or whats-apps ... I am just receiving so many of them and though I try to answer them all, sometimes I miss one, so what you need to do then, instead of getting angry and thinking I don’t value you or am ignoring you, is to send it again and if I haven’t answered your first message, I will certainly respond to your third one. It could happen, and it does, that your email hasn’t reached me or has entered in my spam box and I honestly do not check the spam box , I am also apologizing for that and for not having the time to start looking in my trash, so please resend the email and I will answer you, and if not you will have to send me a third one and maybe send a copy  to one of the other Scooby members (on our website there are several email addresses for volunteers and co-workers) until you get an answer.
I would also like to apologize for the Facebook page that I have not done anything with lately, what do you want me to say, I don’t really feel like posting  my private life on it, first  because I don’t have any and if I did, the name private already says it all, I will try to be there more often but I can’t promise you anything.
I realize that I have written this but I am sure that a lot of people that are part of Scooby could have written the same thing, and lastly, for the moment, I would like to apologize to all the friends that I have spend too little time with when they needed my attention, due to whatever small crisis that came up at Scooby, if you are my friend I do know you will excuse me.
Kisses, hugs and loving licks, Fermin