The big family

‘La Gran Familia” is a Spanish movie, and therefore doesn’t mean much to people from abroad, but the case is  that in Scooby we have a big family now, the mother and her 9 adorable puppies. We picked them up in Salamanca and the poor thing has already been through a lot. Her name is Silke and she had been given for adoption, coming from Badajoz and adopted in the north of Spain, in the Basque country. She had left without being neutered which for me is a problem because it can be the cause of certain problems and that is exactly what happened. Her adopter decided he could not have her anymore and instead of giving her back to the organisation where he got her from,  he decided to give her to a cousin in Salamanca, and first she escaped from the cousin, nobody registers her as being lost and the dog  appears  two months later with 9 puppies and all of them are ready for adoption. In this case the world of animal protection should be held accountable because in this case we, as animal protection workers have done what we blame the galgueros for doing, the adopter has given the dog away without changing the name on the chip and in the end we have Silke and her 9 puppies up for adoption.