What is going on at Scooby...

This time I will tell you about all the things that we already have in place, one of which is the course for dog trainers in collaboration with ETCAN Canines, well in reality, they give the course and we provide the classroom and the dogs, so the dogs end up perfectly trained and with increased chances of being adopted. They have also done some puppy training (or neonatal class as you could call it) with some puppies that arrived from Salamanca, so that when they grow up, they will be more sociable. We do these courses on Saturdays and we are thinking of arranging some seminars for dog owners to learn to deal with most of the behavioral problems that they might encounter.

We have also begun talks in schools, so far there have not been many but we hope that the number of schools that decide to promote animal welfare among their students will increase gradually!

And we are being visited by students from Zaragoza, Spain and Ohio. USA, and their invaluable help in the treatment of our animals, headed by their wonderful teachers Pablo and Guillermo, and because of this we are getting help from vets from half of Spain and even half the world.

Perhaps one of the most important projects of this year is the opening of the Scooby Kennel, this one in Valladolid. It used to be an animal shelter and kennel, and we are in the middle of scrubbing the place, reconnecting water and electricity and we think we will be able to open soon.

Our idea is to use part of it as a real dog kennel, and another part for the dogs that are ready or adoption, because we think that most of our potential adopters will be from Valladolid, seeing the number of people that live there, so if we move our dogs closer to the people, there is a good chance that the number of adoptions will increase. The part of the dog kennel we can rent per days or even longer periods, with of course special tariffs for our Scooby friends and ex-Scooby dogs.

Another project we need to work on sooner than later, is to build a puppy-house and a quarantine area for cats. I really hope we can start working on that this year since lately we have been rescuing a lot of puppies, sometimes we even needed to put three or four litters together and this is sheer madness since these are still very small and delicate and you must realize that no matter how clean the shelter, this is no place for puppies, because it is filled with diseases and bacteria.

So as usual it all depends on the funds we have so if you have a special feel for this project, and you want to donate money, we would really appreciate it, and the puppies, whose lives you’ll save, will appreciate it even more.

As you see we are busy with a lot of things, and that it even without the daily continuing madness of organize, clean and feed more than 600 animals of different breeds, most of them galgos.

This is all for today...Fermin