A letter from our Scooby Vet

My name is Enrique and I am the vet of our so beloved Scooby shelter. Many dogs and cats and in some cases 2 and/or 4 legged other animals, well I have been able to help them to get rid of their ovaries, testicles, pain and suffering and this makes me very happy. I love animals, so Scooby and I would like to continue this.

However, only with the help of you, our readers and sincere interested animal lovers, and of course our generous donators it is possible to progress with this joyful task. You can imagine how many medicines and many more medical equipment, as for example bandages, creams, sterile operation equipment etc, are necessary and needed at a shelter like Scooby and with such a large variety in animals. And also please do not forget that with this variety of animals we are in need of a lot medical instruments, equipment like stoves, ventilators, operation lamps.

This is why I ask you all to support me in my medical quest to take care of all of these animals. I made a list of the medical equipment I need to help our animals and I take the liberty to ask all of you that read our Scooby website to help me to obtain all of these so necessary tools in the hope that you are prepared to help me in order to help the Scooby animals and in helping me to fulfill my task as vet.

I thank you all in advantage for your cooperation and help.



* Medethor
* Revertor
* Propofol
* Isoflurano
* Ketamin

* Benzatard injectable
* Bencilpenicilline procaina
* Benzilpenicilline benzarina
* Convenia (Ceforecin Sodium)

Pain killers
* Previcox 227 mg
* Previcox 57 mg
* Metacam injectables

Anti Pararasites
* Tablets
* Pipets
* Scalibor colars
* Preventix colars

Cremes - lotions - drops
* Calendula
* Vitamine A eye drops
* Colirio (metilcelulosa)

* Blue
* Yellow

Intravenous needles
* Pink 20 G1 1/4
* Blue 22 G1
* Yellow 24 G 3/4

* Oftalmoscopio
* Thin version Hartmann (brand name), pliers preferably 16 cm (14-15 cm will be welcome also)

Sterile materials
*surgical knives
* Stitching material, absorbing 20 0 1 with needle
* Sterillium
* Operating gloves
* Operating covers
* Sterile bandages standard measure
* Syringes 1 ml
* Adhesive traction, all measures and colours

* surgical light (also a dentist'' one is welcome)
* industrial rolls of paper for multifunctional use
* dog caps and collars, all sizes
* ventilators, fans, all sizes
* heaters, mobile radiators
* chipreaders