Men, men, men

I am convinced that the same thing happens to you, you are hoping to let a man come in to your life, I know you have an urgent need to have a man in your house, they are so adorable and sexy as well, so muscular, noble and really a little goofy, at least the ones that are with me, I know that every now and then some mark their territory and you would love to strangle them, but in the end you never do because your love for them is bigger than the problems they are giving you.

They bully a little, especially when there are a lot of them together, but this is also part of the masculine behavior and happens with men of every species. If you don’t have a man, you don’t know what you’re missing, we have a lot of them and I am sure you will want to adopt them all, so don’t be shy, there is one for everyone, even for your neighbours and friends so don’t feel shy.

You are proud of your dogs at Scooby, so don’t be quiet about it, tell the whole world that they need a Scooby dog, and even better, a male dog, because Isabel in Sevilla has a lot more galgos ready for us, a lot of them males, so take a men in your life!