Hello again!

So I am back to tell you more about the projects we are doing and for which we certainly need your help. On the other hand, for everything we do, without you and your generosity, it would be impossible for us to get any work done and rescue no one.

As you know from the various news items we put on the webpage, we have been collecting dogs from southern Spain, specifically we have rescued dogs from Sevilla but also from several kennels in Jaen, Moron, Granada, Talavera de la Reina, some in Madrid, and this beside the usual collections of galgos, dogs of other breeds, cats and other animals from Valladolid, Zamora, Salamanca and Segovia. This means that although we place a lot of animals, especially dogs, we need to find more homes for them but also food for the ones that are here.. we need lots and lots of food.

So to all of you, all of you without whom we could not exist, if you know of any organization to house some or our animals or of somebody who could give us food or funds, please tell them about our dogs and how wonderful they are. We know from experience that when placed in a shelter in the Netherlands or Germany, our dogs are being adopted rather quickly since they are very sociable and adapt fast to a home. Besides, I still think this is Europe and although the abandonment is a Spanish problem and therefore must be solved here, it is also true that on the animal welfare front big improvements are being made here, in fact since I started in the world of animal protection, the number of abandoned dogs has decreased a lot and instead the adoption rates have risen sharply, almost a 20% increase here in Spain each year, where they used to be 0%.

But I am also one of those people who think the love for animals knows no boundaries, if there is an animal in need anywhere, we can help, it is our duty to do so as human “animals”. The suffering should not be decided upon by limits we call borders. Like if you are born in Spain, too bad, you have to suffer abandonment and neglect, and if you are born just a few miles further you’re in luck, you won the lottery and the probability to a good life is really high.

I am absolutely convinced that sooner rather than later, here in Spain we will be able to place the vast majority of abandoned animals, but meanwhile we need you to continue helping them, and they will thank you for it.