I’m shy but I promise I will love you! – Castaño

I am shy. Yes. But I am curious! And I want to trust you, I really do! If you knew me a year ago than you would probably not see me outside of the house when you entered my paddock, but look at me now! I am happy that you’re here, I am smelling you when I think you don’t notice me and I am not running away anymore. I am getting there. One day I will be in a home where I have people and a brave dog-friend to trust in and who can show me I don’t have to be shy anymore. You will see then I can be brave and crazy happy too! And I will look at you with my beautiful brown eyes and cute ears and I will show you that I love you. Forever.

Castaño is 5,5 years old and lives at Scooby for 1,5 years now. He is still available for adoption!